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  • Dust Removal M-K00W HEPA Home Air Purifier

    Dust Removal M-K00W HEPA Home Air Purifier This is electric appliance air purifier. It employs technologies of HEPA, activated carbon, ionizer and UV lamp with TiO 2 . Their combination can remove common household contaminants and unpleasant odors. Specifics 1. Size: 335*198*242mm 2. Coverage: 30~35m2 3. Filter: HEPA, Activated Carbon, Silver Ion(optional) 4. 3 Fan speed: low, medium, high 5. Air quality sensor: can show current indoor air quality with 3 levels by different
  • Moral M-C10C Ionic and Ozone car air purifier

    Moral M-C10C Ionic and Ozone car air purifier Car air purifier. In confined space, there are many harmful chemicals and odors to threaten the health of people. This device employs combined technologies of Ozone generator, Ionizer, Activated carbon filter and E.S.P which can effectively improve the air quality in car. Main Function: 1. Ozone Generator: Ozone can kill airborne germs, mildew and spores and eliminate unpleasant odors. 2. Ionizer: Negative ions can reduce
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